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Join Jenifer Headley, registered dietician from Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach, CA, as she discusses the many aspects to eating healthy with fruits and vegetables. What are the benefits of going organic? What's the best way to prepare fruits and vegetables at home? How can you get "snack happy" by incorporating fruits and vegetables into your diet? Find out in this original feature from LeisureWorld.com.

Nine Things You Would Tell Your Younger Self

  • 1. Floss! Take care of your teeth.
  • 2. Don't worry too much or be discouraged by other people's opinions.
  • 3. Create some good habits, such as the way you eat and exercise.
  • 4. Don't waste time trying to impress the fools.
  • 5. Avoid drama, and don't spend your time talking about it or giving in to it.
  • 6. Count your blessings every day.
  • 7. Enjoy nature.
  • 8. Spend every second you can with your grandparents, and write down what they tell you. Film them if you can.
  • 9. Keep a diary.

~Heidi Cortese

Host, Healthy OC, PBS SOCaL

Chairman/CEO, RCC, Inc.

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